Is alimony required in every divorce?

I have no legal jurisdiction to practice law in the state where you reside but, I can give you some general counsel regarding this question.

Alimony, or commonly known as spousal support, is not mandatory in a divorce case. The jurisdiction in each state varies although courts usually decide if a spouse is entitled to alimony.

In Florida, where I can exercise my legal practice, the court will analyze various factors when alimony is being requested. The jury will check first the financial ability of the paying spouse.

Afterward, they will check the financial resources of the requesting spouse. Then his or her educational background, age, length of the marriage, and the ability to find employment. His or her physical and mental health will also be taken into account.

Court-ordered alimony is mandatory and scheduled appropriately. However, alimony can also be agreed between the separating spouse.

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