Is an Attorney Necessary for the Processing of Child Support?

For four months, my wife and I have been living separately and she lives with our son. We have set up a mutual agreement with regard to the financial child support I have to provide as well as visitation rights.
We have not yet filed our divorce, but we have come to a peaceful arrangement. Should we get a lawyer once we file our divorce or can we go to through the courts by ourselves?
Our Answer:
I cannot provide you with legal advice nor I am licensed to practice in your respective state. Nonetheless, I can provide you with general information and basic tips regarding your question.
Please take note that each state in this country has varying requirements when it comes to divorce with children involved. In some states, the legal process can be …

Is alimony required in every divorce?

I have no legal jurisdiction to practice law in the state where you reside but, I can give you some general counsel regarding this question.
Alimony, or commonly known as spousal support, is not mandatory in a divorce case. The jurisdiction in each state varies although courts usually decide if a spouse is entitled to alimony.
In Florida, where I can exercise my legal practice, the court will analyze various factors when alimony is being requested. The jury will check first the financial ability of the paying spouse.
Afterward, they will check the financial resources of the requesting spouse. Then his or her educational background, age, length of the marriage, and the ability to find employment. His or her physical and mental health will also be taken into account.