Our Strategy

Advocate, Educate, Collaborate

In theory, shared parenting is an ideal situation which receives support from the society. In practice, however, the concept of shared parenting lacks support from proper authorities and systems. Equal treatment of both parents as well as the idea of shared parenting are not considered as a norm in legislatures and family courts. Our objective includes having the authorities in the legal field to view shared parenting as the best option for bringing up children.

Advocacy and Campaigning

Encourage shared parenting by remodeling laws and family court processes.

By collaborating with the proper authorities, leaders, legislatures, media, and federal and state courts as well as other parenting organizations


Replace stereotypes and false beliefs regarding shared parenting by promoting and supporting published, evidence-based research and facts.

Augment the awareness of shared parenting by bringing it to the attention of local, national, and social media.

Help others understand the importance of reforms and the best interest of each child


Build relationships and collaborations with good affiliates in order to attain the goals of this organization.