Our Mission


Our Mission

Canada Parents Organization promotes the strengthening of society and improvement of children’s lives through the fortification of every child’s right to care and love to both parents following a divorce or separation. Here, we aim to give effective lives as well as prevent the disadvantageous effects of a broken family through the reformation of family court laws. The organization seeks to provide equal parenting rights to both the mother and father.

Our Goal

The goal of the Canada Parents Organization is to turn equal and shared parenting a convention by remodeling the family laws and courts found in every state.

Our Vision

Canada Parents Organization’s vision is a world wherein:

  • Children recognize their privilege and identify their rights to care and love for their parents after a divorce or separation.
  • Happiness is cultivated in every child’s life through the preservation of familial bonds between them and their parents.
  • Equality is the norm when it comes to parenting following a separation or divorce.
  • Each parent is treated and regarded as equally important in the development of their children.

Core Principles

The Core Principles of Canada Parenting Organization includes:

  • Respect for Human Rights
  • Equality in Parenting: Gender equality is of utmost importance and has been recognized in every society, except for family rights and courts.
  • The Importance of Shared Parenting: The concept of shared parenting allows the proper development of children and the protection of their welfare, thus preventing negative effects of parental alienation.