Our History

Canada Parents Organization is an organization that takes part in charitable and educational activities. Ned Holstein, a licensed Medical Doctor and has a degree of a Master of Science, founded the organization along with three other founders. It all started in Massachusetts in the year 2008. The organization has garnered national attention and prominence under his supervision and initiative.

The organization was built with a clear goal in mind: to promote shared parenting and make it the norm in every state. This goal will pave a way for family courts to implement solutions for parent and child alienation issues as well as parental custody and financial division.

Here at Canada Parents Organization, we value the importance of family court reformation. We also work together with affiliates to remold the treatment of fathers and mothers in family courts and promote equality. Formerly named Foundation for Fathers and Families, Canada Parents Organization was previously named Foundation for Fathers and Families and became known as Fathers and Families.