How Parents Can Teach Their Kids Critical Thinking

The best way to teach your child critical thinking is by exhibiting the qualities of a critical thinker – aka leading by example. Teaching kids critical thinking can be difficult, as it takes extra effort to make a child understand clumsy concepts. Games such as robotics toys and chess can help your children develop abstract reasoning abilities that can build blocks for acquiring critical thinking skills. This guide discusses the best ways to build young critical thinkers.

What Is Critical Thinking?

Critical thinking involves unbiased and fair processes of getting information, interpreting data, and using the conclusions derived as a compass for our beliefs and actions. Alternatively, critical thinking can be defined as examining facts to conclude. The intellectually guided procedure is not limited to reasoning and discussions, as it emphasizes actions.

It is necessary to note that no one is 100 percent a critical thinker since humans are only capable of critical thinking to such-and-such an extent, with hidden sentiments displaying an undistinguished propensity towards making clouded decisions.

The tips discussed below will guide you when teaching your child critical thinking.

Be Actively Involved in Your Child’s Developmental Stage

If the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?

According to Piaget’s theory of cognitive development, a down-to-earth theory about the origin and buildup of human intelligence, everyone’s childhood contributes to personal development.

The age of curiosity (starting from two years) is that phase when your child starts asking questions out of the blue. Questions like who birthed God or where babies come from. These questions might sound funny or daunting, but you must take them seriously. Also, speaking the truth matters. You may exclude the 18+ details to prevent them from being curious about the wrong things.

Encourage Debate

The integral part of critical thinking is the ability to question everything. Suppose you do not allow your child to question your stances on socio-political matters or silence them whenever they raise dissenting opinions. In that case, you will only succeed in raising adults who cannot think critically and independently. To teach a child critical thinking is to give them the freedom to question everything, including you. Always keep that possibility in mind.

Reward Reading

The mind cannot produce what it does not have. It is easier for an informed mind to think critically than an ignorant one. You may want to censor the type of books you expose your kids to, as there are many mind-corrupting books from misinformed authors out there. Find ways to encourage your child to read.

Ensure Your Child Practices Critical Thinking daily

Critical thinking is more than a concept; it is a mindset. Most people can do passive thinking, but only a handful can engage in critical thinking. Hence, it is not enough to encourage thinking; you must emphasize, adequately define, and encourage the practice of critical thinking. Let them know the difference between a passive thinker and a critical thinker. Passive thinkers make claims in vogue, superficial, and supported by conventional knowledge. They do not cultivate the habit of questioning the meaning and relevance of things and ideas.

Ask Your Child for the Evidence Backing Their Claims

If your male child claims Messi is the greatest footballer of all time, ask him why. Doing so will help them adopt an analytical approach to real-life topics.

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