Should Parents Still Use Basic Baby Monitors?

Basic Baby Monitors

A certain security firm recently tested 9 best buying baby monitors online to see how secure they really were. This came about after hacking incidents arose where some parents found out that strangers talk to the babies at night, while they are asleep, through their baby monitors.

The results this security firm came up with will leave even more parents mortified given that all the devices that were tested did not pass the test.

Your Family’s Safety

When you got your first baby monitor, you were probably thinking about safety first, right? Having the ability to remotely monitor your sleeping baby helps guarantee one peace of mind. Additionally, it also gives you a little extra time to accomplish other tasks.

The basic functionality of such devices is the inclusion of only a sound feature that’ll allow parents to hear their baby as he/she sleeps in their room; simple as that. A talk-back feature was later on added so that parents could talk or sing to their baby while they sleep. Still sounds pretty simple, no?

However, several new outstanding features started being introduced one after the other. A lot of these features have been introduced over the years to promote convenience and safety.

Isn’t having the ability to watch over your baby’s nursery from your own room super convenient? Isn’t it pretty awesome to be able to take care of business while still keeping an eye on the baby? There’s really no harm in all of this.

But, what if the same weapon protecting you against harm is the same one that is the cause of terror in your home? When parents started reporting that they were hearing people telling their babies terrible things during the night, many parents were forced to question whether baby monitors are really that safe.

Modern Vs Basic

In the modern world, we live in today, it’s harder to stay in the dark than to just keep up with it. Unless you’re looking to get overwhelmed that is. Though, it really does not have to be this way. Okay, at least as far as baby monitors are concerned. While a lot of people whole-heartedly embrace all the changes, sometimes staying put might just be a little more beneficial.

Baby monitors are meant to help give you peace of mind when your baby is napping or sleeping, and that’s still what most of them do. Except now there’s so much more to them. Can the many new features that keep popping up ensure that the most important feature isn’t neglected nor affected at any cost?

Most of the basic monitors out there will provide parents with exactly what they need and are searching for a baby monitor. No extra functionalities, no applications to install, no complicated features that might compromise the monitor’s core functionality. That doesn’t sound too bad, does it?

Making A Decision

In the end, it’s up to you to make a final decision. Things shouldn’t be too complicated if all the options are weighed out carefully. That being said, the basic baby monitors are proving to still be one of the safest options there are.

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