A Guide to Designing Shirts with Your Family

Designing Shirts

Are you looking for ways to bond with your family over the weekend? Get your kids time away from their gadgets and interact with one another? Here’s a guide to designing custom t shirts with your family.
Prepare your Materials
The first step is preparation. When you starting doing it, you don’t want to be running around looking for the needed materials and missing out the fun. Here are the materials you need to prepare:
The T-shirts, whether you’re giving life to old shirts or adding more pizazz to new ones is totally up to you.
Paper and pencil for conceptualizing your design. If you decide to use computer software for finalizing your design, you can transfer your draft from paper to computer later on.
Materials for …

How to Include Child Support in Your Budget?

In most events, single parents can have a hard time financing for themselves. Having kids stay at home can rake up some serious costs. This can start with making sure your children don’t sit on the recliner all day and play games. Children as also known to break cookware sets and other expensive items in the kitchen. This means that cleaning up the kitchen under the faucet can be an exhausting task. With court-ordered child support thrown in the ring, they will need to shell out more. Budgeting for child …

Canadian Symposium for Parental Alienation Syndrome

Canadian Symposium for Parental Alienation Syndrome

On October 2 & 3, 2019, the annual conference of Canadian Symposium for Parental Alienation Syndrome will be held in New York City. The Stern Auditorium of Mount Sinai Medical School will serve as the venue for this event. Guests will also attend a day-long golf event for bonding. There will be a first prize drawn for the winner of each category, this will be a brand new rangefinder. All levels of golfers will be playing with open handicaps available. This year, the organizers will expect approximately 600 people to attend the conference. Anyone is welcome to join the event. If you…

Child Support Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Divorce is not a simple process, especially when children are taken into account. It is quite expensive and can become more when child support is included. Many parents believe taking their child fishing can be a good trip together. However, it’s important to keep in mind to take chairs and the correct fishing gear for the trip. Or if you are going out on a fishing boat for trolling, then take the water safety equipment
Child support debt can happen to many divorced parents especially if they are not informed about the processes included in it, though it is …

Canada Parents Organisation

Canada Parents Organization is an educational as well as a charitable organization which aims to promote shared parenting. This organization advocates the equal standing of parenting especially after a divorce or separation has occurred between the couple. For us, preserving the strong bond that links the parents and their children is of utmost importance. The people here believe that the said bond is vital for the well-being of the children, may it be physical, mental, or even emotional….